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Semi Friends Only

The special Poats are now friends only!

If you wanna be my friend give me a couple of reasons why and make a comment here!


Friend's Only banner by ayan_desu
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Deleted comment

Thanks! I love Alec and Jensen!

He was so awesome in Dark Angel.

I would like to friend you please!
I'd like to be your friend because you have gorgeous pictures of Castiel and the Winchester boys. I also saw a message that you have a vid to go with the Suiteverse and I really NEED to see it.

Hoping to be allowed in -Thanks.
Love the Friend only banner. I loved Alec on Dark Angel, reason to watch the show.
Hey can I friend you?
You have wonderful prictures.
No problem! let me go add you!


8 years ago

I adored your video in the Wild One comp, you are one talented lady.
Hey! :D
Can we be friends? :) I love Supernatural and Jared! ...and Wincest and J2... ;D
Does, HELL YES, answer your question? LOL! I wanted to friend you, but people have been defriending me cuz I don't post alot or don't comment on their lj. But I am awesome at stayin updated via instant messaging!


8 years ago

Hi I hope you don't mind me adding you :]
hey new friend!!!!!!!!!!! :) i added you back!

i look forward to talking to you! :)
OMG! HI! I saw your con pics, you look so adorable!!!


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago

Hihi :) Saw you had me friended, so I added you back. And wow, so many cool things on your profile :D
Hey yay I love ur fic and stuffff


7 years ago

Hey! I added you back, and can I just say that that's a very pretty friends only banner you have there :)
why thank u hon! love that icon btw!


7 years ago

Thanks for adding me as a friend! I've added you back - hope that was okay :)
Nice pic! You know, I never saw Dark Angel. Should I feel ashamed? ;/
You should feel a little sad u missed the hotness of young jensen. lol


7 years ago

Hi! Hope you don't mind me adding you! And may I have your permission to translate your fiction The Deadly Marriage of Mr. and Mr. Padalecki into Chinese and share it with couple of my friends? I really enjoy the fiction and I am dying to share the joy of reading it with my friends who ships J2 too. May I?

Go for it!


6 years ago


March 14 2012, 15:16:46 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  March 14 2012, 15:18:53 UTC

I've decied to call them podbooks now! Now, if only I could stop myself from just gazing longingly at Jensen in sharp dressed suite!
I went searching for oen of my all time faves (YOUR big bang from last year).....and are you still doing a sequal to it??? There is so much story you could tell and I would love to have more.
Yes I'm still doing a sequel!!! It should be quite crazy.


4 years ago