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So this story got started in November of 2010 for nanowrimo, which I had failed, but I had managed to reach the 50k goal anyways. This fic was a major success for me, although it took me a lifetime to complete. I would just like to say I would have never even reached it half way if it wasn’t for my team of super bff’s that I love dearly. These girls are really the tools that make my fiction and everything else awesome. Whether it was tough love comments or cheerleading and criticism, these girls were always there to lend a hand.

Thanks to the help from my lovely people:

thehighwaywoman and wendy for organizing this and making it awesome each and every year. I really enjoyed participating in this big bang and those two gals make it happen every time!

fftf, aka Stacey, really was the sweetheart who kicked my ass and challenged me every day I complained about how complicated this was to write. She chatted me almost every day that I began working on this fic to consult with me all the details. Without her encouragement and last minute checking I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere.

ladyrhyanne who put up with my endless amount of whining and stuck with me until the end. I am always up for hearing her nudge me to write more, do more and I honestly felt if I let her down I would have to be tortured for an eternity.

sweet_lyri and chasethetides: My lovely and wonderfully awesome cheerleaders that were always there. They did some beating, made me rethink a couple of scenes, and were extremely helpful.

candygramme thank you for the last minute betaing and saving my life love you so much, mwah!

Last but not least stawberynvanila for her wonderful art. Thanks sweetie, for patiently waiting for my fic to finally get done. I appreciate all the hard work you put into the art!

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